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Modules Offered in English

Courses in Economics & Business
International Finance 48hrs
Finance  45hrs/spring semester
International Trade  45hrs
Auditing   51hrs/spring semester
Accounting  45hrs/fall semester
Market Research & Analysis  22hrs/fall semester, 36hrs/spring semester
Financial Management  45hrs/fall semester
Electronic Commerce  30hrs/spring & fall semester
Micro Economics  54hrs
Macro Economics  54hrs
International Payment & Settlement  20hrs/fall semester
International Marketing  102hrs/fall & spring semester
International Commercial Law 40hrs/fall semester
Theory & Practice of International Trade  108hrs/fall semester
Correspondence in Foreign Trade  34hrs/spring semester
International Corporate Management  38hrs/spring & fall semester
Cross Cultural Business Communication  38hrs/spring semester
Customer Service  30hrs/fall semester
Business Negotiation  30hrs/fall semester




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