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Tuition & Other Fees

When you get the X visa and do the preparation work, please also pay attention to the relevant fees (Item I to Item V are for language students only):


ⅰ. Residence Permit Application: RMB 400 Yuan

ⅱ. Tuition: RMB 12000 Yuan per academic year

ⅲ. Textbooks: RMB 300 Yuan (subject to the actual amount incurred)

ⅳ. Form 202 for Visa Application: RMB 100 Yuan

v. Physical Check-up upon Arrival: RMB 400-500 Yuan (subject to the actual amount incurred)
vi. Accommodation: RMB 900 Yuan per month (RMB 500 Yuan each person per month if two share one room)

vii. Internet: Pay RMB 50 Yuan to activate an internet access, and RMB 40 Yuan for each month. The internet company will charge three months’ fee together. If you stay less than 3 months, the internet fee will not be returned. 

viii. Other Self-paid Programs: cell phone communication, WIFI, water and electricity, entrance tickets of scenic spots.

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