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Rector's Welcome

This Prospectus will give you a view of the rich diversity of opportunities which Shandong Jiaotong University offers to undergraduate students. The University is engaged in teaching and research across a wide range of academic disciplines, and it is therefore able to meet the needs of almost everyone wishing to pursue bachelor and master degrees. I am sure that you will find something of interest within these pages.


The University is one of the few universities in China that is closely related to Jiaotong industry. The word “Jiaotong” in English means the movement of people and goods in space. Of the five transportation means of land, water, air, railway and pipeline, the University is presently engaged in the first two categories. We are mainly an application-led University, with its graduates spreading all over the Jiaotong industry throughout China, however, much of our research is undertaken in collaboration with industry and the professions, which ensures its relevance and applications to the outside world.

The University is outward-looking, relevant, modern and cosmopolitan. It is also friendly, and student-oriented. It is accelerating its development in recent years, with an expanded campus area of more than 181 hectares. By the time you come to the University, you will find a most pleasing environment for you to study and live.


This prospectus provides full details of the courses available at Shandong Jiaotong University. You may have many questions about this University; the answers – or the places to find those answers – can be found in this Prospectus. You should follow up your interest by approaching the person named as a contact. While I believe that you would be wise to choose to come to this University, I wish you well in making your decision, whatever it may be, and success in your future life and career.


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